Expat Center Food Valley

Welcome to The Netherlands

For your stay in the Netherlands the Expat Center Food Valley (ECFV) has made several arrangements with one of the most prominent Expat Insurance companies in The Netherlands: EXPATSINSURED. Insurances can be complex. However it is important. On this page we’ll tell you about the steps you have to take.

Step 1

When you come to the Netherlands you cannot immediately apply for Dutch (local) insurances. For most insurances you have to register fist. However it is important that you are properly insured when you leave your home, so we’ve come up with a solution. Specially for expats we created an insurance package that holds all the necessary insurance solutions you need and can be applied for at any time. We recommend that you apply for this expat insurance package until you can apply for the regular insurances.

Step 2

When you’re coming to work in The Netherlands you will have to take out a Dutch standard health insurance. This is mandatory. It’s possible that your employer has made arrangements  so that you can benefit from premium discounts and better conditions. If your employer has not made such arrangements for you, you can enjoy the benefits from the ECFV Health Care Arrangement. ECFV has made special arrangements for their Expats with our health insurance company: IAK.

Step 3

When you’re registered in The Netherlands you can apply for local insurances like personal liability, home and content insurances etc. Planning to buy a car? Then please be advised that your obligated to take out a car liability insurance! Read more about the available insurances on this page.