Expat Insurance in The Netherlands

  • From € 0.53 per day
  • Global cover
  • No excess
  • Covered from 1 day to 7 years
  • Including winter and water sports
  • Swift and worldwide claim processing
  • Luggage included

Before you go

When you arrive to the Netherlands, you cannot immediately apply for Dutch (local) insurances. For most insurances you have to register in the municipality (city hall) first. But what happens from the moment you leave your home country until you get registered in the municipality?

We understand it is important that you will be properly insured as soon you leave your home, so we’ve come up with a solution: the Expat package. Exclusively for expats we have created an insurance package that holds all the necessary insurance solutions you need - and can be used at any time between leaving your doorstep and coming to The Netherlands.

You can apply for this expat insurance package until you can apply for the regular insurances.

Apply for Expats Insurance