More about Expat Insurance

  • From € 0.53 per day
  • Global cover
  • No excess
  • Covered from 1 day to 7 years
  • Including winter and water sports
  • Swift and worldwide claim processing
  • Luggage included

More about Expat Insurance

Our Expat insurance package is very comprehensive. It holds all the necessary insurances for your stay abroad in one simple package.
In less than two minutes you can start your journey with a safe feeling, without having to figure out what coverages you might need. We did the work for you.

For a complete cover overview including insured amounts, please click here.

Medical expenses

A very important aspect you need to take good care of is your health care. It is not only the Dutch law that makes it mandatory, but it’s also your own peace of mind. The expat insurance package will reimburse all the medical necessary expenses you make while abroad. A safe feeling, right?

Personal liability

This category covers the costs involved if you damage another’s property, or injure another person. This costs can total in high amounts. This is why almost every Dutch person has this insurance. We like being covered, just in case. Join in !


This insurance will pay a considerable amount in the event of permanent disability or death due to an accident. This money can be used to make necessary modifications to you house, for example.

Legal aid

If you’ll become in need of legal aid, as in the rest of the world, the costs can be very high. This insurance will reimburse the costs involved in legal matters. For example if you want to hold someone responsible for damages for your property. Another main advantage for this coverage is that you’ll be assisted by local representatives that speak the local language, are familiar with the national law and have experience in dealing with regulation.

Baggage and household goods

Your suits, laptop, smartphone and many more essential items are precious. Sometimes they are crucial for your daily routine. This category gives a proper coverage in case these items get stolen or damaged, so you can keep going.

Extraordinary costs

In some cases you have to make unforeseen costs that can’t be placed under most categories. Think about costs involved for flying over relatives in case of illness, or flying back to your home country due to emergency family matters. This category will reimburse those costs. You’re in good hands.

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