House Content Insurance

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House Content Insurance

  • Optional extension to the home contents insurance to additionally cover property outside the home.
  • Guarantee against under-insurance available
  • Kröller give a discount on premiums for homes fitted with intruder protection
  • No supplementary charge if you prefer to pay in instalments

You are better off than you think
You probably have a house full of valuable items which you rarely think about. All your furniture, domestic equipment, clothing, audio and video equipment and computers. So proper home contents insurance is indispensable. Our home contents insurance covers everything in your home against damage and theft. The policy also covers the contents of a second home or holiday home.

Like to arrange house contents insurance?
The costs of your contents insurance will depend on a number of factors. The most significant are set out below:

  • Your location. On average, some areas of the country experience more damage than others. For example there are more break-ins in the city than in the country.
  • The type of accommodation. Certain types of accommodation are more vulnerable to damage than others. This plays a role in determining the level of the premium.
  • The value of your possessions. Possessions with a lower total value will result in lower home contents insurance premiums.
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