PhD Candidate in The Netherlands

  • From € 0.53 per day
  • Global cover
  • No excess
  • Covered from 1 day to 7 years
  • Including winter and water sports
  • Swift and worldwide claim processing
  • Luggage included

PhD Insurance in The Netherlands

As a PhD candidate it’s possible that you need to go abroad, either by own choice or as a mandatory part of your PhD course. If this is the case you’ll be faced with local legislation, financial matters that has to be arranged and many other aspects. If you’re coming from or to the Netherlands we can help you with all of your insurance needs and or questions. Are you from or going to another country?

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 All our customer service and documents can be provided in Dutch or English!

Mandatory health insurance 

In the Netherlands there’s a relatively comprehensive social security system. Part of this system is a mandatory health insurance which the Dutch call the Dutch Basic Health Insurance, or in Dutch: ‘Basiszorgverzekering’. This insurance is obligated for every Dutch citizen. Please note that it’s possible that you as a foreign PhD candidate also must apply for this insurance. This is likely if you get paid by a Dutch employee/University. Please contact us if this is the case and we can guide you through this complex jungle of bureaucracy and legislatures. This is a particularly important aspect because you’ll get a high fine by the Dutch government if you don’t arrange this properly. Also, we offer you a great discount on the premium through our PhD collective!

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Scholarship PhD candidates

It’s likely that you receive a scholarship as a PhD candidate. If you don’t receive any income from a Dutch institution, than it’s likely you’re not eligible (read: not allowed) to apply for the Dutch Basic Health Insurance. You should arrange a *‘Private insurance’ in that case. You can apply for different types of insurances or you could choose complete insurance packages. We advise you to do the last. Packages often offer good benefits with nice premium discounts. Also it safes you a lot of time figuring out which insurance you need! We have an insurance package specially for PhD candidates! It comes with basically every coverage you need for a very comprehensive pricing! You can easily calculate your premium using the button below.

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*Private insurances are issued by private insurance companies. The Dutch Basic health insurance can only be issued by a Dutch Basic health insurer, which are in fact the executive bodies of the Dutch health law.

Good to know

If you make use of the services of an expat center or a re-locator, please note that they often don’t provide proper guidance when it comes to insurance. Therefor it’s always a good idea to check out this website for information or simply contact us if you have any questions. You could also use our convenient live webchat! Furthermore it’s recommended that you already start inventorying, and best case scenario, already arrange your insurances from within your home country. Our products can be applied for fully online from the convenience of your home. The application process is very easy and can be walked through in less than 3 minutes. 

Bringing family

Do you bring your family with you? Then of course you want them to be insured as good as you are. It’s possible to apply for the PhD insurance package for your family members as well.

Other insurances

Thinking about purchasing a car, or scooter perhaps? Don’t forget about the mandatory liability insurance you have to arrange for this vehicles! We can assist you and arrange comprehensive and competitively priced insurances.


Planning to buy a house? Let our experienced advisors assist you with all of your mortgage needs and questions. They have much experience with internationals as they arrange mortgages and financial planning for employees of large international organizations such as Shell.