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As an expat you’ll experience different cultures, values, people and systems. Something you don’t want to worry about is your insurance(s). This is something you simply want to be arranged properly and you don’t want to spend a lot of time on this subject.

Which insurances do you need?

There are insurances that you must have and some that are highly recommended. Besides individual insurances, as an expat you can benefit from special expat insurance packages, that often offer more benefits and competitive prices! We’ll gladly guide you through the obligations and options you have as an expat.


Most important aspect you want to take care off is your healthcare. In the Netherlands you are obliged to take out a Dutch basic health insurance. This is a social public insurance that every Dutch citizen must have. In some cases you don’t need to take out this insurance however. For example if you don’t get paid by a Dutch employer or when you have an A1/Certificate of coverage from another European country. 

We can help you determine what’s your situation and help you choose the right insurance.

Expat package

We offer an expat insurance package that includes all the coverage you need for a only € 1,00 per day! This is the most easies and safest way to make sure you are well insured during your secondment period.


Another essential coverage is a third party liability insurance. Although this insurance is not mandatory it is so common in the Netherlands that basically every person has such insurance. And for good reason. For just a small amount per month you are already insured for over a million euro for damage or injury you cause to a third party.


If you would like a personal advise based on your situation, give us a call! We’ll gladly take the time to discuss your personal situation and preferences.


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